Work In A Field You Love

“Do what you love to do” is one of the most basic productivity tips of all.  The fact is that you’ll be much more productive when you do work you enjoy. Unfortunately, this tip is as obvious as it is ignored.

Doing work you love is not remotely the same thing as doing work you find moderately pleasant either. When you’re working in a field you love, your motivation is usually high because you feel passionate about what you’re doing. You don’t have to push yourself just to get going each day. You wake up in the morning already motivated and certain that you are going to do something you love.

One usually works at a fast tempo when you enjoy your work. You’ll also do better quality work, and high-quality work is more efficient than low-quality work. Low-quality work generates inferior results and often has to be redone.

It’s a waste of time trying to be productive in a field you don’t enjoy. Such a struggle is a complete waste of your life. Why subject yourself to such punishment? You deserve better!

I’ve heard hundreds of different excuses for why people claim they can’t do what they love — not enough money, no time, not good enough, wife won’t let me, etc. They can all be condensed down to two words: “I’m scared.”

The people who are doing what they love were also scared. They could all come up with the same excuses. But at some point they decided it was unacceptable to have their lives dictated by fear, so they opted to face their fear and push through it. They decided to overcome their problems instead of turning them into excuses. Those who remain stuck still allow their fear to rule them.

Ultimately it’s a choice. Either you commit to doing what you love, or you don’t. Which side do you think involves the most suffering?

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2 Responses to Work In A Field You Love

  1. Pablo says:

    this subject is stated as simplistic as religion. The reality is that you can be in a field you love, but still hate getting up in the morning to go to work. There’s many reasons, like redtape in the company, horrible boss, unmet expectations, etc. The option is to start ur own business and work 21 hours a day to make a little money or jump from job to job until you find a job that you enjoy…this in an economy where neither is really an option. And all this in a field that you love. Ultimately, my mom is probably right…’make urself happy’.

    • *=JF=* says:

      Thanks for your interesting feedback Pablo…and thanks for stopping by! Your views and contribution is always welcome here:-)

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